Here are some ways to improve your team unity:

1.) Communication
- Have good communication amongst everyone. This will solve many problems before they start. This can be done by having the coach stepping in, by going straight to individuals before problems arise, and/or by identifying moments that usually lead to future problems.

2.) Outside function - Have a party and/or BBQ with everyone. Just do something different than cheerleading.

3.) Team building game – Have the team play a team building game (i.e. chicken on a hen house, group chain, OR just have a stunt contest). It will get their minds off of the normal everyday practice and they will have fun with one another.

4.) Team Goal – Have a team goal that you all are fighting for. It serves as a team purpose and something for everyone to look forward to in the end.

5.) Circle Web – Have the team circle up with one person holding a ball of string. Have that person throw the string to another and say something positive to that person. Have that person throw it to another person,…and so on where everyone gets told something positive.

6.) As a team – Run together as a team, stretch as a team, stunt together as a team. Basically do everything as a team in practice to eleviate having separate groups.

7.) Change it up - Have different people stunt together. This way other people get a change to know the other, and it eleviates cliques.

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