Individual team award ideas

Posted: 10th May 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

For you end of the year banquet,… here are some ideas of individual awards that you can give to the team.:

Most reliable
Best Smile
Best Base
Reliable Backspot
Safest cheerleader
Best Spirit
Highest Jumps
Best Flier
Best All around
All american cheerleader
Most punctual
Loudest Girl
Best Tumbler
Most Technical
Best Leader
Best Crowd envovlement
Most improved
Best Dancer
Most likely to cheer in college
Toughest Cheerleader (the one who always got hit and got back up)
Strongest Base
Best Flexibility
Best Toe Touch
Cheer Clown
Best Make up
Cheerleader 4 Life award
Best Teammate
Team Mascot
Most Animated
Best fundraiser

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