List of Team bonding Games

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Here is a list of Team bonding games for your team to enjoy:

1. The knot- You need an even # of cheerleaders (you can even split the team up into 2 or 3 groups). Have each group stand in a circle, stick out their right hand, and grab for someone else’s right hand. Now reach with your left and grab a different person. Once connected the team needs to untangle themselves without letting go. When completed the team should be in a circle.

2. Trust Fall- Have the team sit close in a circle and stick both arms straight up to the center. Now place a person in the middle and have them stay tight as can be. When ready, have the person in the middle fall back. The team will make sure that the person stays up at all times.

3. Shoe Find- Spit the team into 2 groups and have them place their shoes in a pile. Now mix the pile of shoes. On the count of GO, have each team go after their shoes and cross their designated line with their shoes on. The team to have all members finish first,….WINS.

4. Relay Race Lock- Have each person pair up with another, stand back to back with their arms locked at the elbow, and line up on a designated line. On count have the couples race to another end line. The couple who finishes first ,…WINS.

5. Truth and Lies- Have each person write 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves. Go around the room and have the team figure out what are the truths and the lies.

6. The Web- Have the team circle up. One person will start with a ball of string and pass it to someone else who they are going to say something nice (or constructive about). Then that person will throw it to someone else. When done you will have a Web of string to symbolize your teams unity.

7. Chicken on a hen house- Pair up will a partner. Have them learn these simple 2-person stunts: chicken on a hen house (base on hands and knees and flier on theirback), indian in my teepee (base spreads their legs and flier goes lays between them), lovers leap (cradle), monkey on my back (flier jumps on the base’s back), fountain (both hook their right arm and legs while posing as a fountain with their left arm), or you can make up some of your own. Now separate the couples so 1 goes to group 1 and the other to group 2. Group 1 wil form a circle and group 2 will form a circle around them facing the opposite direction. Now start the music and have the groups walk opposite of one another. Stop the music and call out 1 of these stunts. The last couple to do the stunt is out. Do this until you have a winner.

8. Body Pass- Have the team lay on the floor ear to ear, but alternate their legs out (so the 1st person’s legs will go right, 2nd left, 3rd right, and so forth). Now have them all put their arms straight up to the ceiling. Have the person first in line step up with their back to the team and fall back (with assistance from the coach). She will have to stay tight as the team passes her down the line to where the coach will help her up.

9. Something Nice- Go around and say something nice about each person on the team.

10. Rock-Paper-Scissors Tag- Split the team into 2 groups. Now have them huddle up separate from one another and have them deceide between paper, rock and scissors. Once deceided, have the teams line up face to face. On count of 3 the teams will announce what they selected. The team who has the better choice will run after the other team and tag them. The team of the losing choice will have to make it back to their line to be safe.

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